About Employee Provident Fund Organization

About Employee Provident Fund Organization.All the candidates who have been concerned to the EPFO are advised to give a minute to this page.Here all the information regarding the organization is provided ,which every employee need to know about.

About Employee Provident Fund Organization

The word EPF is very common among the employees ,it is probably the organization which is known by the every employee working in India whether national or international.But the information that the employees have about the EPF is very formal.But today on this page we will tell you a single point about the organization you must know.
All the information is provided about the information regarding the year foundation to the coverage of Organization.

Founding Year = 1952(India)
Headquarters = New Delhi
-Serves in = Provident Fund Schemes For Employees

EPFO Online Balance Check
EPFO Online Transfer

The organization was founded inn the year 1952 in the month of July ,to provide various schemes to employees of India whether they are working in private sector or private sector,such as provident fund scheme,insurance scheme etc. This organization is statutory body of government that has been working under the Ministry Of Labor And Employment.This organization completely under falls the ministry of central government.
The schemes provided by the government of India covers the Indian workers as well as the International workers.But there are no specific schemes provided to the international workers ,schemes are provided on the basis of bilateral agreement signed by the countries government.

Legal Basis And Structure Of The Organization

The Employees provident fund is regulated and registered under the act of 1952.

The organization is controlled and monitored by the central board of trustees that are fallen under the central government .The chairperson of the board is the union labor of India.It is one of the biggest organizations working for the beneficiary of society.When they have to report,the central provident fund commissioner and executive of EPFO will report to the labor ministry through permanent secretary.
The Headquarters of the organization has been settled up in the New Delhi.

There are many amendments and new schemes provided under the act of 1952:-
– Deposit linked insurance scheme 1976
– Provision fund Scheme 1952
– Pension scheme 1995

The Ruling Body Of The Organization

A dual role played by the organization. the first role of providing various beneficiary schemes to the employees all over India.And the second rule is to watch out that any of the organizations in not doing any illegal activities with employees or not snatching their interests.

What Is UAN:-

UAN stands for universal account number .It is a type of universal account number provided to the employee who is contributing to the EPF. This account number is made up of 12 digits, which will be generated for each PF candidate by EPF. The unique thing about the UAN is that it works as many number of IDs which have been provided for the employee for lifetime.No changes will be made to the UAN if by chance the employee changes the job,that is why it is called universal account number.
It is the Idea to link many information of the employee to this UAN number. Once the employee is registered with this universal account number ,candidate can check his various type of details with this number only.


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